1° Finance: Bills & Expenses

OS X 10.11
1° Finance is a modern program for home expense management. Enter your bills, add payment schedules, assign categories and set budget limits. Browse statistics and check what you spend your money on to start saving optimally. 1° Finance has been designed to maintain keep the balance between a user-friendly interface and the functionality allowing you to control your home budget well. Learn which expenses are redundant and how much you can save. The most significant functions and features: ・ modern, animated interface ・ current transactions, schedules, transfers and credits adjustments ・ grouping of transactions by wallets and categories ・ budgets with expense limits (monthly, annual or fixed) ・ grouping tags (payment method, place, person, bank, etc.) ・ possibility to edit many current transactions at once ・ possibility to connect many elements into one ・ supports attachments ・ currency wallets ・ events for overdue transactions and transactions with close deadline ・ active schedule list ・ filtering, sorting and grouping of transactions ・ transaction search engine ・ export of transactions to a CSV file ・ PDF or HTML report printing and generation ・ graphs of outflows and inflows ・ statistics and graphs of wallets, categories, budgets and tags ・ extended information on transactions ・ calendar with transaction and budget summary ・ automatic backup copy ・ PIN-code protection from unauthorised access ・ synchronization of transactions via iCloud ・ version for iPhone ・ import of transactions from CSV, QIF and OFX files ・ integrated help system Version for iPhone is already available. Open AppStore, enter "1finance" in the search and try it out today. 1° Finance in free trial has limited functionality. When the transaction number exceeds 40 units, 'Transaction', 'Calendar', 'Statistics' and 'Import' view will become inactive. Still you will be able to add transactions and accounts without no limits! Take over the reins of your home budget and start using 1° Finance today! If you like 1° Finance, rate it or write a comment on it in MacAppStore.