11+ Vocabulary Builder

OS X 10.8
11+ Vocab Builder app helps students boost their vocabulary by applying various study techniques. This interactive app is designed in a quiz format and covers following topics: 1. Alphabetical Order 2. Anagram Pairs 3. Antonym Pairs 4. Antonyms 5. Combi-Words 6. Spelling Errors 7. Synonym Sets 8. Synonyms 9. Word Out The app has over 350 questions that cover over 5000 words. DETAILED TEST RESULTS On the completion of each test the user is given a summary of questions answered correctly, incorrectly and skipped along with the time taken on each question. Every question can be reviewed and all questions have an explanation of the answer. PROGRESS METER An interactive pie chart displays current progress for each topic. You can touch the different color slices of the pie and choose if you wish to answer only incorrectly answered questions, unattempted or correctly answered questions. This feature is very useful to achieve 100% score in each topic. MOCK TEST After you have practiced all types of questions, you can take a Mock Test with 50 questions. The Mock Test has questions selected randomly from each topic. Scores for the mock tests taken in the past are displayed in a bar chart. This is a great way to track how you are progressing in mock tests. There is no limit on how many mock tests you can take. FEATURE LIST • Covers all 9 commonly found types of questions. • 360 multiple-choice questions. • Explanation with questions where applicable. • Option to choose the number of questions to test. • Option to choose if user wants instant feedback on answer selection. • Progress meter helps to track progress, topic wise and mock test wise. • Ability to re-attempt only the questions you get wrong or correct or never attempted • Option to choose reset the progress and start from scratch. Why Vocabulary Builder? There are 164 grammar schools in England, most of them set Verbal Reasoning tests as part of their selection process and 50-75% of the verbal reasoning questions are based on vocabulary.