123s & ABCs

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The educational app “123s & ABCs” is a fun, easy, and interactive way to introduce the numbers from 1 to 20 and the letters of the alphabet to children at an early age. Swipe through pages showing numbers or letters with corresponding images and follow along as the app reads to your child. Play alongside your child and match numbers or letters with corresponding images to reinforce learning. The games in “123s & ABCs” motivate and give positive and negative feedback adding excitement and maintaining your child's interest. Fun, cute stars appear in the game modes displaying different emotions depending on the answer. “123s & ABCs” allows for targeted learning. Parents and educators can select specific numbers and letters to be used in the app. MADE FOR KIDS • Talking app in English, French and Spanish • Without In-App purchases • Without links to other apps • Without data collection • Without third-party advertising 123s & ABCs is available for macOS, iOS and tvOS. Thank you for downloading our app! ZurApps Research is passionate about creating useful and engaging educational apps that are also fun to play. Go to www.zurapps.com to learn about all our apps.