24 Hour Wallpaper

OS X 10.11
IMPORTANT: This app uses STILL wallpapers that change over the course of the day to match the current time. For MOTION wallpapers, see Magic Window or Magic Window 4K. From the creators of Magic Window, 24 Hour Wallpaper brings you 42 City, Nature, and Earth wallpapers that sync with the time of day. For a demo visit 24hourwallpaper.com. Each wallpaper is made of 30+ 5K images which cover a complete 24 hours. Enjoy wallpaper that reflects the time of day where you are. Adjust time preferences to fit your schedule and lifestyle. Locations include: The Sierras, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Iceland, New Zealand, and more. This new app from the creators of Magic Window took more than five years to create. All images in the app are professionally captured by the Magic Window team specifically for the app and are mastered to perfection. All wallpapers are available at full 5K resolution (5120x2880). The app will allow you to download the wallpaper at the resolution most appropriate for your displays including 4K (4096x2304), 3K (2880x1800), and HD/2K (1920x1200). This means no space wasted on pixels you don't need. Half of the wallpapers included are from a fixed viewpoint - you get the exact same view changing to match the time of day. To achieve this we setup and manage a professional camera for 24+ hours at the same location. For the scene to work the weather and light has to be just right for 24 hours. The other half are mixes where the view changes but the location generally remains the same. To create these we put together several time lapse sequences and still images to build a narrative wallpaper sequence that feels like spending a day exploring the location. By default the app will use the time of day at your location. However you can customize sunrise and sunset times and durations to your liking or have it synchronize with another location. This is helpful if you work on non-standard hours. Unlike the Magic Window series of apps the wallpapers in this app are still images set as system wallpaper. There is no visible motion which means no battery drain, no CPU drain, no GPU drain, and no interference with other applications. The wallpaper works with all facets of macOS including Mission Control, Spaces, Expose, and the login/lock screen. Internet access is required to download scenes. The app includes only low-resolution previews by default. Without internet access to download scenes resolution is limited to 1920x1200. This is a premium product that took care and dedication to build. You will not find anything else like it anywhere. The app is exclusively for Mac and optimized for all Mac displays. If you have any issues with the app please contact us at support@magicwindowapp.com and we are happy to help you resolve them.