3D Print Models

OS X 10.13
This app contains 20 models for 3D printing. Just choose any 3D model and print it on your 3D printer or send the model to the 3D Printing Shop. All the 3D models are in .stl format and work great with home or industrial printers. 3D models in this app include many home living and casual items, such as Flower Pot, Bowl, Napkin Holder, Vase, Bookmark, Towel Hook, Lampshade, Pet Food Bowl, Soap Dish, Beverage Coaster, Toothbrush Holder, etc. The most awesome part is that you won’t need to buy these items ever again! You can print them as many times as you want without leaving your home! Main Features: -All 3D models are in .stl format. -3D Models can be printed with home or industrial 3D printer. -The dimensions of 3D models do not exceed 20 centimetres. -Unlimited times you can print the same item.