3D Road Map to the Human Heart

OS X 10.6.6
You don't give someone an aerial photograph when they need to know where someplace is, you give them a map. Maps are accurate but simplified renditions of a place, and that's the example we follow in our 3D Road Map Educational App Series. With the 3D Road Map to the Human Heart, you've got a heart that anyone and everyone can look at and readily understand. This app is perfect for students learning the anatomy and circulation of the heart, or for doctors who may want to easily explain something to their patients. * Easy to understand visuals and descriptions * Anatomy Mode describes all the major parts of the heart and how they fit into the whole * Circulation Mode gives you an in-depth look at the paths taken by the blood through the heart * Free View Mode allows you to rotate and look at the heart from any angle, inside and out * Convenient screen capture saves directly to your Pictures * Developed under the guidance of medical professional, Stephen P. Sanders, MD