A Maze of Spiders and Droids

OS X 10.9
Navigate in mazes, pick up the stars to attempt to cordon off areas. Achieve the needed percentage to move to the next level where the challenge is elevated. Of course, you’re pursued by spiders and other enemies, so the goal is not so easy… Ultra simple action-arcade gameplay that will test your reflexes and will make you stick to it until you complete any new maze, in this high-speed, endless runner shoot’em up / arcade game! Are you ready for this new challenge? Some features: * Expressly and exclusively designed for Apple’s platforms; * Simple & immediate controls to destroy the nasty enemies; * 100% action packed gameplay; * Glow style graphics; * Playable for everybody and anybody! Fun for all ages! Challenge your skill and reflexes! * Premium game - no in app purchase roadblocks! Thanks for using our products. Feedback is always welcome to: support@dighentis.com App Store reviews are greatly appreciated, thank you.