A Mess O’ Trouble

OS X 10.8
~ A Ray’s Maze Adventure ~ Old-school adventure gaming done right! Play the indie Mac classic from 1994, lovingly restored for OS X with the original artwork and sounds! With hundreds of individual scenes to explore, A Mess O’ Trouble is filled with challenges, hidden treasures, and plenty of personality! Its non-linear gameplay lets you explore at your own pace as you work through the many cleverly designed puzzles confronting you. A Mess O’ Trouble is set in Ray’s Maze—a strange spatial anomaly consisting of a patchwork quilt of worlds stitched together by Jump Doors. As either veteran adventurer “Fearless” Frank or intrepid newcomer “Daredevil” Dawn, you will explore the many worlds of the Maze in search of treasure and a way out! Key Features: • choose to play as either Fearless Frank or Daredevil Dawn • use your wits to defeat foes and overcome obstacles • visit many different worlds—including a tropical island, a ghost town, an enchanted forest, and the incredible Voidbeast • thwart fearsome monsters, outsmart frustrating bureaucrats, and save an ancient civilization from destruction • maximize your wealth by collecting the Maximum-Value Objects And New for OS X: • comprehensive menu system that eliminates the need to type your actions • Player’s Guide with detailed instructions and gameplay tips • Hint Book with hints for the stymied adventurer and complete maps of the game Questions, comments, or problems? Email Ray at raydunakin@aol.com.