A to Z of Idioms + Jokes

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People use idioms to make their speech more attractive and impressive. Idioms are a way to make language more vivid and descriptive. Idioms add color, depth, zest to a story. When you learn English idioms, you take English out of textbook and into the real world. The English language can be considered as being made up of two components: "Textbook English" and "Natural English". Natural English is spoken at an informal level, and it is the idioms in the language that give it a natural, conversational and creative feel. So, if you want to speak English fluently, just like a native speaker, it is important that you learn English idioms. Benefits and Features …. - Learn Natural English just like an native speaker. - Make your spoken language more vivid and descriptive. - Alphabetically sorted idioms. - Quick access via the Letters of the alphabets. - Bonus Jokes pages for a bit of fun. - Try the Idiom Quiz Challenge and see how well you know your idioms. Please Visit www.BubbalooDigital.com for other great titles.