a11yTools - Web Accessibility

OS X 10.13
a11yTools is a collection of HTML Web Accessibility Testing Tools in one location in an Extension for Safari used for quick and easy Accessibility testing. Run your favorite Accessibility testing tool and then take a screenshot showing the a11y error to developers and designers. a11yTools is a one-at-a-time testing tool where you pick the HTML Accessibility element or feature you’re testing once-per-page rather than running all tests together. Test and results can be stacked on top each other e.g. to show both Headings and Image Alt Text Properties. How To Use a11yTools: Visit the webpage you want to test then click the a11yTools button and add the a11yTool you want. Reset the Page to remove the a11yTools output without reloading the site. This app will be updated on a continuous basis with new testing tools and features added over time. Current features are listed below and the Coming Soon features will be added very soon! Features: ------------------------------------------------------------- Images Headings Forms Tables WAI-ARIA Iframes Page Title Tabindex Grayscale Show Focus Titles Reset Page Right Click > Copy Page Title or Copy URL More Tools WAVE Page aXe option+cmd+c tota11y HTML_CodeSniffer Validate Page accessibilityjs ARIA Specification ARIA Authoring Practices Checklist WCAG 2.0 AA Demos Resources Landmarks Lists Lang New Emoji Icons Hide and Show a11yTools with Toolbar Icon Button if they get in your way. Activate __ Underlined__ a11yTool buttons with Access Keys (Control+Option+__Underlined Letter__) e.g. Images is Control+Option+m ------------------------------------------------------------- This app is a one time purchase. Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Terms of Use: http://www.pauljadam.com/terms.html Privacy Policy: http://www.pauljadam.com/privacy.html Visit my contact form in the support site to make feature requests or submit bug reports. Thanks for reading!