Abacus Accounts SE Lite

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Abacus Accounts SE (Startup Edition) is a simplified version of the original, more comprehensive Abacus Accounts. It is designed as a basic and straightforward bookkeeping program for the self-employed or even for your personal accounts. It uses the same double-entry system as the original Abacus Accounts program, but requires no prior knowledge of bookkeeping and, as such, is very easy to use. However, when your business grows and you require additional functionality (or you become VAT registered) it is easy to move up to the full program. You can enter as many bank accounts/credit card accounts and income/expense categories as you need. Bank accounts and credit card accounts can be reconciled against statements and regular (monthly) bank payments set up. Note, however, that VAT, Customer/Supplier, Asset, Equity and Liability accounts are not included in this program. If you require these (or multiple businesses) you will need the more comprehensive version (Abacus Accounts). See website (www.abacusaccounts.net) for more information. Reports can be printed for any required period. These may be used to produce the end of year accounts. You can enter up to 30 transactions with this free app. After that you will need to purchase the paid app. You would then be able to import the data you have already entered. That way you can try the app., to see if it meets your requirements, before purchasing. Technical support is available by email, free of charge.