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• NEW: EXR output • Completely linear floating point image processing • Raw image conversion optimized to maximize resolution • Demosaicing algorithm and image adjustments specifically tailored for monochrome • Touch Bar support • macOS High Sierra and Retina 5K display compatible AccuRaw Monochrome is a raw image editor and developer specifically for creating monochrome images. Raw file formats from most camera manufacturers are supported, for example Nikon NEF files, Canon CR2 files, Leica DNG files, etc. AccuRaw also provides state-of-the-art processing for Fuji X-Trans based cameras. A full list of supported cameras is on the product web site. AccuRaw Features • Optimized for creating monochrome images; AccuRaw Monochrome's custom demosaicing algorithm delivers better tonality and better artifact control that conventional color algorithms. • Optimized to maximize image resolution. • In addition to conventional cameras, AccuRaw Monochrome also provides for modified cameras, e.g., cameras modified for IR or UV operation, or by the removal of the sensor's Bayer array. • Non-clipping workflow - Accuraw EXR has a highly linear floating point processing engine that treats EXR as a first-class citizen. You can easily recover even heavily blown highlights in downstream processing apps. • Fits with your workflow. AccuRaw doesn't try to take over your workflow. It just fits in. There are no catalogs to worry about; your files stay right where they are, and AccuRaw never touches them. AccuRaw just automatically remembers your edits. A powerful system of presets and batch processing make work efficient, and you can output to any of JPEG, TIFF or DNG for maximum compatibility with your choice of post processing and digital asset management tools. • Integration with apps such as Lightroom, Photoshop and Aperture • macOS High Sierra and Retina display compatible ** Note: (a) AccuRaw monochrome only converts to monochrome, and (b) AccuRaw Monochrome doesn't do noise reduction or lens corrections - the image you get is the image your camera saw. System Requirements: Raw conversion requires very substantial amounts of processing power and memory. While AccuRaw Monochrome will run on laptops, performance is optimized for desktop systems. We strongly recommend the following minimum system specifications: • OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later • 4 GB system memory minimum, 8GB recommended • 128 MB graphics memory minimum, 512 MB graphics memory recommended