ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Exam Prep

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Dynamic Path presents our newly updated Personal Trainer exam prep module, with more than 100 new questions. This app is our exclusive study aid designed for exams such as the Certified Personal Trainer test issue by the ACSM, as well as the Certified Health Fitness Specialist and Exercise Specialist exams. Each question targets a specific topic outlined by the ACSM test guide, and comes with a detailed answer explanation. You can review questions one by one in Study Mode, or set up a timed quiz in Test Mode, where you can set the number of questions and the exam topics to cover. Results are calculated instantaneously and can be viewed in Review Mode, where you can go over each question. Our app covers all core areas of the ACSM exam: - Initial Client Consultation and Assessment - Exercise Programming and Implementation - Exercise Leadership and Client Education - Legal, Professional, Business and Marketing Dynamic Path is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the ACSM.