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Demo Video at ActiveAppsWatcher Lite is light weight version of ActiveAppsWatcher.ActiveAppsWatcher Lite displays the details of only 5 running Apps.To see all the running App details please purchase ActiveAppsWatcher. ActiveAppsWatcher is the App which list down the running user apps with the following mentioned details. Please give us your feedback to improve this App performance.Please correct the grammatical mistakes in localised text(Localisation text is collected with the help of Google Translator). Key features of ActiveAppsWatcher : 1.ActiveAppsWatcher seperately displays the window processes and background process in different Tabs.User can select the tabs to view the corresponding process list. 2.User can find the currently running user Apps and the following details. 1.1.Application Launched Date 1.2.Process Identifier of the Application. 1.3.Whether the Apps windows are hidden or not. 1.4.Path of the Application installed. 1.5.Application Icon. 3.User can hide the application by click on hide button. Advantages with ActiveAppsWatcher: 1.User can know the list of running user apps. 2.User can identify the window process and background process running with the current user. 3.User can know the process identifier of Application,launched date of application and path of application. 4.Hide the listed Applications. 5.Click refresh to see the update status of Application. Highlights: 1.ActiveAppsWatcher is sandboxed. on Menu icon in the menu bar to get the running list. 3.ActiveAppsWatcher reduces your effort to minimize the windows when system restarts or login.Just click on ActiveAppsWatcher menu and click on hide button to minimize all the windows of that particular Application. Please give me your feedback to improve this App.Please correct me the grammatical mistakes in localized text. Added Hide All button and its functionality. Hide All A single click to hide All the Running Windowed User Apps.