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Ad And Stuff Blocker is a (mostly) ad and malware blocker extension for Safari. It is as simple as can be with no configuration - it just blocks ads. After it starts, a plain white window will come up and tell you that you are ready to start browsing. You can close out that window and will never have to rerun the app unless you uninstall and reinstall Safari or OS X, or you upgrade the app. Unlike other other ad blockers that are not extensions, Browsing with Ad And Stuff Blocker is at least as fast as browsing without it - even faster if the page normally has lots of ads. We will never accept donations to whitelist ads. The long term intention of Ad And Crap Blocker is to block more ads and unblock anything that was mistakenly blocked - after all, we do not want to block legitimate content. Please send any websites that are displaying obvious ads or you suspect are blocking too much to with a short explanation if the issue is not obvious.