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AD HelpDesk allows secure password reset and account modification of user accounts stored in Microsoft's Active Directory. This application will work “Out of the box”, requiring absolutely no modifications to your Active Directory infrastructure. AD Help Desk is 100% secure. All traffic between the domain controller and the OS X desktop is encrypted. Gartner states that 30% of helpdesk calls are related to password reset management and account lockout. AD Help Desk was specifically designed with these extremely common tasks in mind allowing you to diagnose and fix account problems in only seconds. With AD Help Desk you can easily: -Diagnose problems with user accounts (disabled, locked, password expired, etc.) -Reset user passwords -Force password reset at next login -Find locked accounts -Unlock accounts -Disable user accounts -Enable disabled user accounts In addition AD HelpDesk supports (optionally) single sign on. If your OS X desktop is bound to an Active Directory domain, you can administer your domain using the credentials of the account your are logged in with, or (if you need to use an account with a different set of rights) you can easily use a different user account. If you ever have to deal with password management or account unlock issues, this product will save you time every time you use it.