ADD For iPhoto

OS X 10.7
Do you use iPhoto on your mac for your photos and images? Do you have duplicate images sitting in your library? Enter ADD For iPhoto. It is designed to work with iPhoto '11 (version 9.3) and will scan your library for duplicates that have accumulated over time and waste hard drive space. ADD for iPhoto was designed from the ground up to be safe. Safe with respect to your images and the iPhoto library. ADD uses only approved Apple APIs. It communicates directly with iPhoto in order to get its job done; guaranteeing that there will be no “funny business”. We have not reverse engineered the iPhoto database in order to achieve our goals. We certainly had the option to do that; but decided it was too risky of a proposition given that the structure changes with almost every update to iPhoto. The APIs on the other hand have remained stable. The bottom line is that ADD for iPhoto is the safest way available to remove duplicates from your library. ADD for iPhoto will never delete anything with its default settings. Detected duplicates are simply tagged with keywords. They are: •ADD Unique •ADD Processed •Date Duplicate •Filename Duplicate •Hash Duplicate •Hash Original •Hash [x] Set:[] •ADD Similar [x] Features √ Full Library Scanning √ Scan a selection of images √ Finds absolute duplicates and potential duplicates. √ Find visually similar images with Auto-ImageIQ √ ImageIQ a selection of images to find visually similar pictures. √ Many Advanced Options √ Ultimate in safety. ADD For iPhoto only uses iPhoto APIs to do its job. Benefits √ Get organized! √ Save space. √ Speed up iPhoto. When processing is complete, check your keywords for Hash Duplicate, Date Duplicate, or Filename Duplicate. . . . If you've used ImageIQ look for "ADD Similar 0" through to "ADD Similar 8". Basic usage guidelines are available at our support website. There is also a tutorial on what to do once ADD for iPhoto has finished its job. It certainly makes the chore of de-duping easier. ADD For iPhoto REQUIRES iPhoto '11 (Version 9.0 or greater).