Adore Picture Difference: Long Distance Love Lite

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Spot some differences between two seemingly identical pictures and find out the details of the most touching and romantic love story! Adore Picture Difference: Long Distance Love depicts a cute love story told in pictures. The main heroes are two charming young people, Mary and Tom, met by coincidence at an airport in Los Angeles. Little did they know, a few innocent dates would change their lives forever. Each new level allows you to find out more and more about their story. You never know where you'll find your true love. Long Distance Love seems to be a story that could happen to anyone. It's a game that brings back sweet memories from your past and gives you hope as well. The game's features include: - 25 sets of colourful pictures - levels of various complexity - an original script with an unpredictable plot - unique graphics - soothing romantic music ----------------------------------------- Like this game? Why not try some of our other games?! Shooting Blocks is an original logic game with addictive gameplay and pleasing sound. Put your logical thinking and your quick reflexes to the test with Shooting Blocks! Adore Puzzle is a unique puzzle game which contains a wonderful photo collection of different European places. Solve photo-puzzles and visit the most popular European tourist attractions without leaving your computer! ----------------------------------------- Stay informed about the company's latest news, fresh updates, and new game releases: Visit our site: Join us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Watch us on Youtube: Your ideas and requests for the games' improvement are always welcome!