Advanced Apple Cider

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Cider geeks of the world unite! Professional Brewmaster Iain Hill shows you how he makes cider. By using only the best and most sought after apple cider varieties, running multiple fermentation experiments, and maintaining scientific rigor, Iain produces some of the best cider we have ever put our lips to. Being a seasoned professional and trained chemist Iain shows us a lot of the possibilities when making your own apple cider. From apple selection, fermentation deviations, even blending, Iain really takes home cider production to the next level. Although this tutorial was shot in two different breweries, all the equipment used is accessible for the home enthusiasts, with maybe the exception of the Hammer Mill? which Iain swears by. But with one large Primary fermenter, manual cider mill, some kegs and carboys you to too can make cider with the best of them. Iain is a virtual fountain of cider and brewing information you?ll most likely learn more than you ever wanted to know about making cider, and that?s a good thing. The major difference between OK cider and fantastic cider perfection is apple selection. Specifically traditional apple cider varieties used with the appropriate yeast strains. Iain every year gets his hands on, Chisel Jersey, Dabinette, Kingston Black, Golden Russet, and Ashton Brown Jersey apples, which almost guarantee amazing cider results. Unfortunately these apples are a little hard to find but if you?re into the Booz How Tooz your not gunna let a little searching stop you, are you? If all cider were as good as Iain?s everyone would be a cider lover. Watch and learn... App Features: • 76 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline Playback (no internet connection needed) • Easy to navigate Table of Contents: 1. BHT Apple Cider 2. Ingredients 3. Equipment 4. Milling 5. Pressing 6. Original Gravity 7. Sulphite 8. Innoculation 9. Keeving 10. Sanitation 11. Primary Racking 12. Secondary Racking 13. Final Gravity 14. Kegging 15. Tasting