AES67 Test Tone

OS X 10.10
AES67 Test Tone is a really simple app that can be used for experimentation and troubleshooting AES67 audio over IP installations. It creates a simple modulating SineWave, at 1kHz for 500mSec and 500Hz for 500mSec, and publishes this as an AES67 multicast stream using the SAP protocol. To use it, just launch, and AES67 Test Tone will issue an SAP message. Any SAP compatible devices on the local network (such as VLC) will receive that message and register the source. An easy way to test is to run VLC and click on "Network Streams (SAP)" and you will see AES67's source appear as "Sienna_AES67_Tone" which should play when you click on it. Note that some AES67 devices do not support SAP and use other discovery methods like RTSP. For these devices you would need to use an SAP to RTSP tool like "RAV2SAP" NB: This app references a non specific traceable PTPv2 clock in its SDP. AES67 receivers which need to verify the clock GMID may not process the audio stream from this app.