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Versatile and extremely powerful... Give your photo an old look. AgedPhotos is like a specialized studio that lets you turn any photo into an 'oldie but goldie' look. For an Easy Start AgedPhotos comes with more than one hundred presets. But it is very easy to add your very own. You can perform any kind of combination, create many different effects : sepia, cyanotype, darkened edges, burnt edges, fade photo and so many more! • Splash an area and create a dual vintage effect on the same image • Save your own effect and apply it across one or multiple images at once! • Presets can be saved and classified for easy retrieval. • Roll the dice and lets the application find a new effect for you. • Easily Pan/Zoom on your photo • Compare Side by Side, Before and After • Call a contact sheet and preview different effects side by side. • Online Help and Manual