Agile Graphing Calculator and Data Plot – powerful scientific graphing calculator

OS X 10.10
It is a very powerful scientific graphing calculator which can plot 2D and 3D graph. It also support many commands for set different color and width of the line. Features: plot 2D and 3D graph plot multiple functions on one graph can operate on very large number mathematics. User can set the different color and width of the line. Other features which may be customized using the set command are: arrow, border, clip, contour, grid, mapping, polar, surface, time, view, and many more. It can compute factorial and fibonacci number. Support many trigonometric functions Calculate the norm of value copy/paste your result to any other application provide many other scientific functions Press "Command"+"Shift"+"4" to have screen capture and export your graph. You can refer to gnuplot commands list for data plot It is very simple and easy to use. Functions in scientific graphing calculator: it can plot f(x), f(x,y) based on your define, such as f(x) = x**2+2*x+1 The following math functions you can use to plot 2D and 3D Graph: abs(x) absolute value of x, |x| acos(x) arc-cosine of x asin(x) arc-sine of x atan(x) arc-tangent of x cos(x) cosine of x, x is in radians. cosh(x) hyperbolic cosine of x, x is in radians erf(x) error function of x exp(x) exponential function of x, base e inverf(x) inverse error function of x invnorm(x) inverse normal distribution of x log(x) log of x, base e log10(x) log of x, base 10 norm(x) normal Gaussian distribution function rand(x) pseudo-random number generator sgn(x) 1 if x > 0, -1 if x < 0, 0 if x=0 sin(x) sine of x, x is in radians sinh(x) hyperbolic sine of x, x is in radians sqrt(x) the square root of x tan(x) tangent of x, x is in radians tanh(x) hyperbolic tangent of x, x is in radians ___________________________________________________________ Bessel, gamma, ibeta, igamma, and lgamma functions are also supported Support data plot functions for gnuplot commands Please check the sample on