Agility Dogs

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He’s your best friend. He waited all day for you to get back from work. Now, all he wants is to have some fun… he just happens to be made out of clay. Take your dog through a fun and exciting run through 5 different agility parks. Run, walk, jump, climb obstacles before time runs out. Collect doggie snacks and steaks. Agility Dogs is a unique and exciting endless runner entirely made out of hand-made clay models. It simulates physics, depth, and perspective to add to the fun! It also includes “Puppy Mode”, which is a game mode designed for younger kids. Features: -5 different agility parks. -5 dogs: wire fox terrier, Siberian husky, Chihuahua, beagle, and poodle. -Physics simulation, depth, and perspective for added realism. -Obstacles are selected and placed at random, so the game is never the same. -“Puppy Mode” is designed for the youngest gamers in the family. It’s a never-ending mode so younger kids can play for a long time without ever running out of time and having to press a “Play Again” or “Start” button. -Time upgrades help you to go further. -Put a hat on your dog to give them new abilities, or just for looking good! -Achievements. -High Scores -Intuitive controls. -Compatible with PS3 gamepad. Other USB and blue tooth gamepads may be compatible but have not been tested. -Every object in the game is a hand-made clay model photographed at high resolution. The game looks especially gorgeous on small or large screens. YouTube video: