Aha Rally Car

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Rally Car --- A new design of the classic game, let you memorable were the days and gengrang you instant joy. The rules of the game: 1. Get all flags within the map can complete a round 2. Get "rapid flashing flag" within small map, obtained redouble scores 3. Get "slowly flashing flag" within small map, scores of the remaining fuel can be obtained 4. Hit the stone within the map, you will lose a car 5. Red car to catch up with your blue car, you will lose a car 6. Release smoke obstructing the red car, to let you out of danger 7. All the blue cars crashed, game over !!! How to play: 1. Using the keyboard arrow key to control the car direction 2. Press keyboard space to release the smoke. 3. Press F1 to add oil 4. Press F3 to Pause/Play Game feature: 1. support Game Center --- Leaderboard 2. support Game Center --- Achievement 3. support Game Center --- multiplayer mode