Air Stream for LG TV

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* Air Stream app is designed for LG TVs. * It makes playing and streaming video/music files from your Mac to any TV simple and easy! * No wires, no configuration, and no additional hardware required! This app can stream your favorite media to the LG TV via your home network. Just drag and drop your media file to Air Stream app, and it will appear instantly on your TV Screen! No hassles! USER'S GUIDE: 1. Make sure your Mac and your TV are connected to the same network (by a wired or wireless connection). 2. Launch this app. It will then scan your network for connected TVs. Please wait for a while. Once the TV is found, you can select your TV from the list. 3. Drag and drop your video or music file into the main window, and wait a moment. Soon you should see your video or music starting to play on your TV. Enjoy! :-) TROUBLESHOOTING: • The app may take up to one minute to discover your TVs on the network. If it fails to find them or fails to play your media file, please try to restart your router, Mac and TVs. • Please check what video/audio formats are supported by your TV. MP4 and MP3 formats are supported by most Smart TVs. • To improve the quality and stability of your viewing experience, consider connecting both your Mac and TV to the router via a LAN cable. A high-speed Wi-Fi connection is acceptable, too. *** Get this app today!! *** *** If you like this app, please consider giving us a positive rating! Thank you!! ***