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AirPhotoServer is a small photo web server.  Lets you easy and quickly to share your pictures on Local area network.  Only a url, through the browser, others can access photos on your Mac.     1. Directory Share your thousands of photos on folder,no need you upload photo one by one.  2. Password protection, Protect your photos if your not want them to access.  3. Fast thumbnail browsing.        Instructions for use  1. install and startup this app. 2. Select the photos folder which you want to share on "folder" tag.  3. Click "access in browser".  4.Copy the url on broswer to others and others can use the url to access your photos(make sure others computer on same Local area network)  AirPhotoServer also is the server of AirPhotoViewer.  AirPhotoViewer is iPhone /iPad App ,lets you easy to accees your photos on your Mac.  You can download it on ios App Store.