airTemplates for Pages® – A Collection of Excellent Templates for Pages®

OS X 10.7
airTemplates for Pages® is a collection of excellent 300 templates for business and personal use. The templates contain multiple layouts and currently there are more than 600 layouts! Designs are sorted into 11 categories to simplify your everyday tasks. You will find: - 8 Sets of Stylish "Brochures” - 35 sets of Fancy "Business Cards" - 27 sets of Fresh "Calendars" - 31 sets of Flashy "Cards & Invitations" - 33 sets of Beautiful "Envelopes" - 38 sets of Special "Flyers" - 24 sets of Casual Invoices and elegant Certificates in "Forms" - 31 sets of Outstanding "Letters" - 20 sets of Decorative "Newsletters" - 10 sets of Everyday "Reports" - 20 sets of Superior "Resumes" The airTemplates for Pages® gives you a selection of designs ranging from modern to retro, vintage. Also, specific documents like Newsletters, Reports or Brochures have different layouts to meet your most exclusive needs or just to give you you that creativity boost you were looking for. All the objects used in the airTemplates for Pages® can be effortlessly moved, resized, removed. Usage: Double click the template to open the template in "Pages". Change the placeholder text with your content and you have the perfect document you were looking for! Please feel free to contact us when you meet questions. Email: