OS X 10.9.0
Don't you hate the kids leaving their bedroom light or fan on when they go to school? Their playstation running all night? Their TV on when you go out all day on the weekend? Or are kids just watching too much TV in their bedroom? Allow2Automate creates a connection between chosen Wemo switches and your Allow2 Parental Freedom account. Now you can apply quotas to electricity usage times and amounts! Without Allow2, you can huff and puff until you are blue in the face, you can tell them you are paying too much for electricity and you can tell them they are destroying the environment... But guess what? That's your problem to them, they typically have no ramifications. And any imposed restriction is just too hard, so they do not learn. Install a Wemo switch on the powerpoint, or the light or fan switches. Then install this app on a desktop or server computer on your home network, log in and connect the switches to your account and the child that uses them. So the next time they leave the TV on or the fan running, when they come home and try to use it, they have run out of quota! The best part is, it's THEIR problem! So they can only learn from their mistakes, and you don't need to lift a finger. Note that when a restriction (ban or limits) is in place, the switch still turns on for a short while, but will automatically turn off shortly afterwards. Then they can check with you or their Allow2 login and see what the problem is.