Alphabet Soup – Learning ABC’s

OS X 10.7
Children can learn their ABCs in a fun and interactive way with Cutie Monsters Alphabet Soup! In this educational game, you are presented with a bowl of soup in which you need to tap the letters in the correct alphabetical order to advance, any mistakes result in a fly being added to the soup, to many flies and you may have to retry. Designed for use at home or early grade school classrooms, the game makes learning the alphabet fun and easy with upper and lower case letters included. Key Features: - Easy to use child friendly Interface. - Bright Colours and Imagery - Two main gameplay modes - Helps to develop a child’s letter recognition - Teaches the sequence of letters within the English Alphabet - Develops a child’s understanding of uppercase and lowercase letters We love making kids apps that are safe and free from 3rd party advertising. Please help us to continue to do so by purchasing other apps in the series or checking out our new Cutie Monster T-shirts on sale at