Am I Online? – Internet Status

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Check if your internet is online by looking at an icon in MacOS status bar. This is the right app for you if you want to know if your online because - • It is taking a long time to load a page? • Getting "Page Not Found" messages in browser? • Your internet enabled apps seem to be offline and not in sync? • Want to know if your internet connection is working? • Want to know whether Wi-Fi or wired or a bluetooth connection is being used for internet access? The app hooks onto network change events and determines if you are online or not and appropriately updates the icon in the status bar. It also shows useful details like WIFI, Wired Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB etc - which of these connections is being used for internet access. It also shows the public IP address too handily in the menu. Option+Click to see more detailed info of the connected interface. Happy surfing...