Ambient Light-Philips Hue Sync

OS X 10.12
Philips Hue Movie Sync - this is a real time average colour synchronisation of your selected screen and your Philips Hue light, one of the best philips hue apps out there! Custom build algorithm analyses your screen and sends current colour to one of the selected lamps up to 10 times per second! Select custom screen region to analyze for each light separately for a truly immersive ambient experience. You can connect your TV to your Mac via HDMI output and select it in the app for the Ambient Light to analyse it's picture and adapt the colours accordingly! You can configure the speed of the colour change, speed of the analyse algorithm and maximal brightness for your personal experience. Warning: due to DRM it is impossible to use this app with Netflix. Notice: due to Philips Hue Bridge hardware limitations it is possible to use only ONE lamp with such high speed update. With each consequently selected light maximum colour pick speed is going to be 100ms slower.