Anabi DWGFileViewer

OS X 10.8
Anabi DWGFileViewer can view and convert DWG, DXF, DWF and DGN files. Main : --- add, delete and clear. --- layouts and views. --- zoom in, zoom out and zoom extents. --- move, rotate and orbit --- user fonts, default fonts and missing fonts. --- pdf settings and dwf settings. --- background color. --- 3D views. --- part of display to pdf. --- support dwg,dxf,dwf and dgn. --- export pdf,svg,dwf, bmp and dwg. In-App Purchases : --- DWG & DXF Component --- DWF Component --- DGN Component --- DWGFileViewer Components Note : About services : --- You can get 7 days services when you first install the app. If this software is useful to you and you want to continue using it, please pay In-App Purchases. (Software needs to be connected during the trial.) About fonts : Content appears as a question mark because of the lack of necessary fonts. You can do the following things: --- Download dependent fonts from the internet (click the Missing Window to see missing fonts in App). --- Click the Add Fonts button to load missing fonts into the App. --- Restart the app and re-display the file. Contact us :