Analytics for Google Analytics

OS X 10.8
Millions of people use Google Analytics™ to understand their website usage and to improve their business plans. Unfortunately the Google Analytics™ website is neither easy to read nor to use. It fails to show the information that are really important. With Analytics for Google Analytics we are proud to introduce the first powerful Google Analytics™-app for Mac. It makes viewing your Google Analytics™ data faster, easier and much more enjoyable than ever before. Highlights: ● Analytics for Google Analytics shows who your visitors are, how they behave, which devices they use, where they come from and much more. There are lots of different reports. For example: - Overview: Summarizes the most important data of today, yesterday, last week, month, year or every date range you can imagine. - Demographics: Countries, languages, visitor loyalty… - Device: Browser, operating system, device type… - Network: Social networks, traffic sources, search keywords… - Content: Top content, events, site speed… - Goals ● Daily and hourly statistics ● Date picker with date range presets ● Double clicking shows details ● Smart filtering ● Powerful sorting options ● PDF-export ● Printing ● Interactive world map ● Multiple accounts and profiles ● Stunning, interactive graphs ● Outstanding user interface You must have a Google Account with Google Analytics™ to use this App. Download the most powerful Google Analytics™-app today and dramatically change the way you monitor your Google Analytics™!