Ancient Secrets

OS X 10.6.6
Discover a rich world filled with amazing mysteries in Ancient Secrets, a bold adventure for all ages. Long ago, before the ancient Tekka tribe vanished into history, the tribal elders locked away the treasures of this once glorious people in a secret location and scattered the pieces of the key across the world. Over time, the Tekka became a memory and the key fragments became the stuff of legends and myths. Join Dr. Kate Miller on the adventure of her life as she searches for the ancient secrets of the Tekka. Use your keen eye for detail and search through beautiful hidden object scenes, solve challenging puzzles, and explore a vivid world full of helpful characters, exotic locations, and surprises at every turn. FEATURES INCLUDE: - Join Dr. Kate Miller on a Hidden Object Adventure of a lifetime. - Uncover the ancient secrets and treasures of a once glorious tribe. - Explore a vivid world full of helpful characters and exotic locations. - Search through beautiful scenes and solve challenging puzzles. - Witness tantalizing surprises at every turn of this captivating storyline.