Animalia: Interactive Story & Animal Game Kids

OS X 10.8
**Learn with Fun about Animals in this interactive story and mini-games** - Why just read a story when you can play along! - Education that engages: Language, Morals, Animal Kingdom and more - Inspiring Sustainable Development through Early Childhood Education - Challenges to encourage kids to explore the story - Fun puzzles as children progress: Technology, Pre-math Concepts - Kids-Friendly interface - Adapted from the popular storybook “The Lion and The Mouse” - A revolutionary approach to education for kids 3 - 5 years old THE STORY Ever thought about how the Lion and the Mouse would be like in the 21st century? This release of the short story takes kids on a ride into a techie jungle where the Lion shows exemplary leadership skills by being concerned about the animals in his kingdom. A techie Mouse plays his part by freeing trapped animals from cages set by (no, there don't exist any hunters today) zookeepers. Through this story, kids learn about being kind to others and understand values of leadership necessary to progress in a peaceful world. “Give your kids a chance to look at how a positive attitude could change the world as they build their image of their surroundings in fun and interesting ways.” PLAY - With the animals - Complete activities in order to proceed - Fun mini-games and puzzles during the story LEARN - About the animal kingdom - Animal names, sounds and more - Pre-Math concepts - Life sciences - Problem solving - Technology EXPLORE - The jungle life with a twist of technology - Leadership values important today - Importance of being kind to others ABOUT BUBBLEBUD KIDS BubbleBud Kids is the Early Childhood Education initiative by Dweek Studios to provide the children today an alternate approach to education. BubbbleBud Kids creates educational content through its philosophy of “Play | Learn | Explore” giving children in kindergarten a parallel source of learning making the most of the technology available today. The organisation believes in “Flexible Education - Education that adapts to the interests of the child pursuing it” and is committed to creating content for that delivers to this ideology.