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AnswerSheetDIY is an application that reads the presence or absence of marks from bubble answer sheet images and can save the result as CSV or TSV format data. You can use the data for some spreadsheet applications. When you want to do quizzes in some lesson or want to take a questionnaire, you can easily get the result without special card readers or special kind of sheets. AnswerSheetDIY provides only two functions: (1) predefining the information on the bubble positions of the document, and (2) judging the presence or absence of the mark on the bubbles and outputting it as data. Therefore, you have to prepare the original of the answer sheet by yourself. A device dedicated to bubble answer sheets is unnecessary, but a printer and a scanner with an automatic document feeder are necessary. A detailed manual is included and is available via Help. Since it has no aggregation function, please do it by yourself by script language or spreadsheet.