Anti Virus Lite

OS X 10.10
Welcome to one of the most sophisticated and comfortable Anti Virus lite tools available! Quick, reliable and safe, Anti Virus lite delivers everything you could ask for. Top Features of Anti Virus lite: • EICAR test passed • Hourly update of virus / malware list • Adware scanner • Drag & drop scanner • Detection of compressed malware and viruses • No monthly fees! Purchase once and get it all. • Ultra fast scanning • No background tasks when idling • Advanced scan engine to detect encrypted Malware/Virus/Adware/Trojan Benefits of Anti Virus lite: Anti Virus lite is faster than any competitor that we know of and doesn't force you to update virus definitions manually. Virus and malware list is updated autmatically, once per hour if necessary. When Anti Virus lite is idle, it really is idle. Unlike other virus scanners it doesn't eat cpu power and fill up RAM, with Anti Virus lite idle really means idle. The sophisticated algorithm kicks in when needed, and with incredible speed at that. Anti Virus lite checks loopholes that other virus scanner completely ignore, check it out for yourself and compare power and functionality. We are convinced that Anti Virus lite finds threats where other scanners stay silent or even want to make you beleive that your computer is safe. Why should you pay a monthly fee for some low quality scanner when you can get a fast and reliable Anti Virus lite tool with a single purchase? An Anti Virus lite tool that is faster, more comfortable with bigger functionality than any competitor! Malware and viruses are everywhere, no computer with an internet connection is safe nowadays. And modern viruses are clever, they sneak in your system whenever you leave them a chance. Don't be the victim, use Anti Virus lite to prevent any harm. Better safe than sorry, Anti Virus lite costs very little to assure that. And it is more than just peace of mind, it is effective and easy to use! Protect yourt computer, protect your privacy and take measures before it is too late. Be on the safe side and get Anti Virus lite today!