AntiVirus Security Scanner – Privacy Protection

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***Limited-time offer: 50% OFF until September 15!*** AntiVirus Security Scanner is an app which monitors your network, increases security and protects your Mac from adware, malware, spyware or other threats. Clean and protected Mac is great, because you simply are able to: - forget unwanted ads and popups; - make your personal, financial and banking data safe; - keep your Mac fast, efficient and feel safe while working productively; - remove harmful threats from your Mac easily; - prevent possible network attacks; - check and monitor your network neighbors easily. Online privacy safety is necessary! Using this app you will avoid essential losses like privacy leak or identity theft. Network Privacy scanner detects the other devices connected on your local network and lets you know about illegal connections. It shows the notifications when the device joins or leaves the network. Network Security scanner detects suspicious network activities and helps to protect your personal data from a leak. Virus Scanner is a fast scanner for your files, which protects your Mac from unwanted ads and popups, data theft, losing financial or banking information. Virus Scanner uses virus definitions database with the latest updates. It updates the virus definitions database automatically, assures maximum security and finds the latest threats on your Mac! Safety, Security, Protection and even more… Be safe - feel safe with your Mac!