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Ants vs. Aliens

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** A New Tower Defense Game Match-Up! ** "If Aliens Invaded Earth, They Would View Us As Ants!" It's Ants vs. Aliens for the first time ever, featuring 6 Different Themes of increasing difficulty. Features: * 6 Challenging Themes (The Invasion, Sahara Desert, Stonehenge, Kitchen Table, Siberian Nights, Alien Apocalypse). * Soldier Ants, Sniper Ants, Machine Gun Ants, and Rocket Launcher Ants. * Level-Up with Upgrades. * 8 Different Enemies, Including the Green and Red Alien Leaders. * HD Graphics and Funny Sound Effects. Defend the earth from countless waves of invading aliens! It's Addictive and Loads of Fun! Good Luck! Already a fan of us? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latest news: https://www.facebook.com/LoadUpGames http://www.twitter.com/LoadUpGames