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★★★★★Anvsoft Banner Maker is a free and easy-to-use flash banner generator. With this Banner Maker, users can create animated and professional-looking banners within a few clicks. You can use your own photos and texts, and combine them with dynamic text effects to create professional ad banners or flash intros. ------------------------------------ Key Features of Banner Maker - Diverse Banner Background • Add any picture or image as the background for you flash intro • Use 150+ different colors as the solid-color background for your flash intro banners • Dynamic text is supported -Highly Customized • Set the flash banner size in any size you like • Customize text color, text shadow, distance, angle, alpha, blur, strength, etc • Add url links to dynamic texts -Multiple Effects • 60+ cool entrance and exit effects for dynamic texts, to help you make a stunning ad or banner • 200+ types of text style are provided, which enable to add message in whatever style fit for your words ------------------------------------- ★★★★★Sum Up By using this free and friendly Banner Maker, you can generate your flash intro banners within steps. Simply follow the tabs at the top of the program and the left bar to go step-by-step in the banner making. When you have completed, just publish it in SWF and HTML format and add it to your webpage.