Any Video Splitter

OS X 10.9
Want to split a video into various segments? Just 3 Steps. Open, Specify the number of Segments and adjust their duration by dragging a Pin & Save them as separate video files. Watch how it works video here : (Or click Any Video Splitter Support) ● No Encoding - So Blazing Fast. ● Supports basically any video container with any video codec. ● Add Segments just by click of a button and change it's duration by dragging the corresponding Pin. ● Option to add multiple pins at one shot that are spaced equally or by specified minutes or by specified file size. ● Millisecond level accuracy using stepper controls. ● Know the number of segments and their duration before splitting. ● Subtitle & other Audio tracks also got split accordingly. ● Option to force encode. Questions/Suggestions - Please use the contact form at Note : App won't be able to open corrupted or .VOB files.