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≈ The easiest and fastest way to access Vine on your Mac! ≈ Quick Tab Pro for Vine with two viewing options! 1. View from your menubar. 2. Pop-out for the floating head view! FEATURES ● Menubar Mode ● Floating Head Mode ● Like, comment, and revine! ● Search #hashtags and @users ● View all your favorite channels ● See what's "Popular Now!" ● Quickly and conveniently view your Vine feed. ● Stealth Mode for incognito browsing - Adjust window transparency ● Fully resizable window. ● Full touch gesture support. ● Set your HotKey (e.g. ctrl+A) for QUICK access! ● Fastest Tab app! Optimized for performance. ● Clean and seamless user experience. Questions/comments regarding the app? Please email us at or visit us at