App Icon Resizer (AIR)

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One of the essential elements for creating iOS app; to resize icon app from iTunes Connect app 1024px to multiple sizes of images for Xcode use. # Works with Xcode 9 ( 2017 - 2018 ) App Icon Resizer will generate AppIcon.appiconset for Asset Catalog. Suitable iOS Projects: • iPhone • Universal (iPhone + iPad) • iPad • iPhone or Universal with Apple Watch # How to use? 1. Choose mobile platform you want to work with. 2. Choose image and folder to export. 3. Open the folder. 4. Drag the generated file into your Xcode project. ________________________ By purchasing this software we are promise to keep the app up-to-date and to give support to other developer by email us at, please state about this 'App Icon Resizer' app.