App Pier – Fast App Launcher & Switcher

OS X 10.11
App Pier is a keyboard-centric application launcher and switcher with strong Touch Bar support With App Pier, you can: * launch any app or switch between your favorite and running apps instantly. * save screen space by hiding the MacOS dock. * develop muscle memory in keyboard when using with Touch Bar as you can pin your favorite apps in App Pier. * hide/unhide window, hide windows of other apps, or show all windows * concentrate on your app by hiding all other apps' windows. * open your favorite folders Features: * See and open running apps together with your pinned apps. * Search and launch any application from Application Folder * Open your favorite folders * Focus Mode: One app at a time. All other apps' windows are hidden. * Reach it anytime even another app is in fullscreen mode * Reach your running and pinned apps from any display in a multi-display setup. * Keyboard shortcut for rapid launch * Select an app by simply start typing its name. * Running apps are denoted with a dash in menu bar window and a brighter button on Touch Bar. * Available in both normal and dark mode. Note: You need a Macbook Pro with Touch Bar to view Touch Bar items. For more updates: