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Appicons and Launchimages Lite

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Do you want to save time resizing your app icons, launch images and app store screenshots? "I love this app. Its been an excellent time saver for us..."-Devtap-5 stars "Love Love Love..."-eclicker-5 stars Why we are different? ...app icons ...launch images ...appstore screenshots ...Xcode xcassets friendly ...alpha channel support ...stretching ...background fill ...Apple TV ...Stickers ...and more We take seconds to resize/replace all our app icons and launch images. Now you can generate and replace all the app icons, launch images, and app store screenshots very quickly starting with any size image. This app can even attach to your Xcode project AUTOMATICALLY (we create the Contents.json). Replacing icons and images is a snap. For a change in the graphics or supported hardware, it is just a simple re-create directly in the assets folder and takes a few seconds (no more matching required in Xcode). A small annoyance gone so you can focus more time on the design/redesign/improving.