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Applicons is a simple and fast utility that allow you generate all the icons/iconset needed for OS X and iOS development (Mac, iPhone and iPad). “Rounded corners” and “Drop shadow” effects. Create the .icns file. The image is resized (1024 px at 72 dpi) if it’s too large/small. Export your icon as PNG/TIFF/JPEG/JP2/BMP/GIF file format; iPhone application icons: 40x40 px (Notification@2x) 60x60 px (Notification@3x) 58x58 px (Settings@2x) 87x87 px (Settings@3x) 80x80 px (Spotlight@2x) 120x120 px (Spotlight@3x) 120x120 px (AppIcon@2x) 180x180 px (AppIcon@3x) 512x512 px (iTunesArtwork) 1024x1024 px (iTunesArtwork@2x) iPad application icons: 20x20 px (Notification) 40x40 px (Notification@2x) 29x29 px (Settings) 58x58 px (Settings@2x) 40x40 px (Spotlight) 80x80 px (Spotlight@2x) 76x76 px (AppIcon) 152x152 px (AppIcon@2x) 167x167 px (AppIconPro@2x) 512x512 px (iTunesArtwork) 1024x1024 px (iTunesArtwork@2x) Mac application icons: 16x16 px (icon_16x16) 32x32 px (icon_16x16@2x) 32x32 px (icon_32x32) 64x64 px (icon_32x32@2x) 128x128 px (icon_128x128) 256x256 px (icon_128x128@2x) 256x256 px (icon_256x256) 512x512 px (icon_256x256@2x) 512x512 px (icon_512x512) 1024x1024 px (icon_512x512@2x)