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AppSumoner helps lazy desktop management. development chronology ===== Long time ago, Window management system realized a very intuitive Interface for human. For instance, you can read filtered data of your interests efficiently, like turning a page of a book, or integrate your workflows to tiny actions, if we have to do hand-calculate it, the each works were huge procedures, make them just like as turning the bedside light off work. And you can operate them, on each separated space as a window. BUT, if the each windows overlaped once, and a window hide completely other one, your work may turn to looking for the interest window that you have to operate most recently, from many uninterested windows. And, the work attacks me when I'm so busy. Because, when busy, I cannot care each window statuses or positions, maybe. I call this phenomenon the law of spilt milk. AppSummoner was made to avoid the law. Demo desktop demo multi screen demo