Arabic Typing Tutor Pro

OS X 10.11
Arabic Typing Tutor PRO This is a PRO version. In addition to the standard features, it has Tests and many Reports. Reports measure finger reflex time and illustrate easy to understand graphs showing delay to each finger. It also has tests that can estimate a students level. Typing speeds illustrates familiarity with computer, simplifies writing of daily emails and enhances the productivity. It save at least 1hr of daily work. This is a user friendly software to train typing of Arabic language using the keyboard in a step by step. The software has 19 lessons, 12 training exams in addition to two reflex training games of finger nerves, one with falling letters and the second 2D letters roaming in space should be caught within given alarm. It supports MAC standard and Windows Arabic keyboard layouts, one can train both layouts. The windows layout is supported by MAC but not vice versa. The program has a simple interface, and can be used by infinite number of users. The software has been awarded 5 Star from different sites and is used in International universities, Learning Institutes, embassies and Consulates and secretary Offices. The software supports the native MAC Arabic layout in addition to the Windows Arabic layout. It has both English and Arabic graphical user interfaces, which user can switch using the drop down list in the starting window. Currently both Arabic and English user interface exist with the Windows Layout. Nevertheless, the Arabic user interface with the MAC layout. We have a professional version for institutes, that provide reports, tests and measuring of nerve reflex time.