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Build your pixel-perfect website and publish to the web for free in minutes! Our professionally designed templates and themes will make starting from scratch a non-existent process. Then customize your theme by editing directly on the page or by dragging and dropping new elements to your site. ARCSOFT™ web design software for the macOS platform provides a visual interface builder for creating, editing and publishing websites, as well as mobile web apps. All of this packaged up into a single application for a professional way to manage and share your creations on Mac. FEATURES • Drag & Drop Blocks to the Grid • A Fully Loaded Retina-Display Templates Library • Themes to Customize Every High-Def Template • Live Visual Editor to Edit Directly on the Page • Professional & Responsive Blocks Library • Export & Publish Entire Websites in Seconds • Add Custom Images to the Media Library • 100s of Fonts & Custom Font Support • Code Editor with Syntax Highlighting • And Much, Much More... DRAG & DROP BLOCKS Our library full of a wide variety of blocks allow for easy use with predesigned templates, as well as newly created pages built from scratch. Each block can be dragged and dropped onto the page and are fully customizable. These customization options include multiple ways of editing such as shadows, backgrounds, text styles, borders and more! A brief preview of our Customizable Blocks Library include: • Responsive Cover Photos • Logo & Navigation Bars • Text Boxes for Body, Headers and Titles • Image Headers & Galleries • Video Players (Local, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) • Pricing & Subscription Tables • User Profiles & Management • Customizable Buttons & Progress Bars • Forms for Contact & Login-Signup • Lists, Panels and Box Tables • Custom Code Boxes for Embedded Content And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Are you new to web development? Not a problem! Building a website is now easy as selecting one of our many predesigned templates from the Templates Library, applying your favoured theme to that template and using the page builder to fill in your content with drag and drop blocks. Are you more of an experienced web developer? ARCSOFT™ will help make your business website look more professional and profitable within minutes. TEMPLATES Choose from one of our professionally designed HTML5 templates that are available to use, commercial-free, at no extra cost! ARCSOFT™ specializes in turning website building from a complex and expensive process, to a simple drag and drop-type platform. ARCSOFT™ was designed to save you time and money, while offering easy ways of building professional websites with no coding knowledge required. All website templates are responsive, built using HTML5 and are updated constantly to meet tomorrow's standards. All website templates have also been designed and optimized for pixel-perfect viewing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. REAL-TIME VISUAL EDITOR Our Live Visual Editor allows you to save time by providing you with the ability to edit your content directly on the page – no code required (unless you would like to add your own custom code, then we have a built-in Code Editor for that too. Use ARCSOFT™ to stay on top of the latest in web publishing tools. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery have been fully integrated into the ARCSOFT™ Website Builder for advanced editing and maximum potential to build your perfect final product. Visually managing your projects and files has never been easier. With macOS High Sierra, new methods of organization have been made available for developers to take advantage of. To improve desktop integration, creating files and folders, like you would in Finder, is made available to you with the click of a button. Offline options for websites have also been made available for those who prefer to have them made locally. New updates, features and content are added every couple weeks. Stay tuned for more!