Arena Performer

OS X 10.11
Arena is a Quartz Composition visualizer that distributes rendering across multiple systems, connecting and configuring a network of performer computers to work as a single display. Arena is perfect for use in kiosk, digital signage, and stage performance applications. [NOTE: This application is the Arena Performer. The Arena Controller must be downloaded separately.] Features include: • Unlimited Canvas Create an unlimited virtual canvas for displaying the collective output of the connected Performer systems. • Layout Tools Align, resize or re-order Arena Performer canvas items to create the desired multi-screen display. • Highly Scalable Expand your network of Arena Performers with only a small amount of communication overhead. • Custom Conversions Change your composition’s input parameters without the need to re-edit in Quartz Composer. • Distributed Rendering Renders Quartz Compositions locally on the Performer system with a minimum of synchronization traffic. • Easy Networking Automatically discover and connect the controller with any performer systems that become available. • Single Point of Control Configure the entire network of systems directly from the Arena Controller.